Ace Pet Dog Training

Positive Reward Based Training & Behavioural Advice

Head Trainer - Janice Baker


Janice is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse who now lectures in Veterinary Nursing and Animal Care, which includes Animal Behaviour. She became interested in Canine Behaviour due to rehoming a rescue dog with behaviour problems. Since leaving Veterinary Nursing she has achieved a Certificate in Education. A certificate in Applied Animal Behaviour at Southampton University, An Advanced Diploma in Behaviour and Training (COAPE), and is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Janice has Border Collies which she competes in agility with, and has also trained in flyball and heelwork to music. Ace Pet Dog Training was named after one of her dogs called Ace.

Janice started dog training ten plus years ago. She first started by helping out at a local training school, then she progressed to taking classes, and then held the title of head trainer Before setting up Ace Pet Dog Training. She keeps up date with the latest training methods by reading literature and attending seminars.


Trainer - Lucy Enstone

Lucy is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse who currently works as a Canine Carer/ Rehomer at a local rescue centre. She  became interested in training and behaviour when she rehomed a dog with severe behavioural problems. To gain more hands on experience, and to get involved with different breeds she volunteered as a helper at a local training club. This gave her the opportunity to gain knowledge and ideas from other experienced trainers about the different training methods available. A few years later she leapt at the chance to start classes in Evesham with Janice as they both agree on the same training theories.

Lucy is a member (working towards accreditation) of The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Behaviour. She has attended a six month modular animal behaviour course, successfully achieving a level one accreditation, and has completed NOCN level 3 Canine Training and Behaviour at Pershore College. Lucy has attended seminars and workshops by well known trainers such as Nicole Wilde and Sarah Whitehead.

She has gained Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards with her dog Abbie. Lucy and Abbie also enjoyed competing in flyball. Lucy always aims to make classes relaxed and fun, as well as educational. She also has a keen interest in Canine Hydrotherapy. 


Assistant Trainer & IT Admin - Becky Bryant

Becky is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse after studying an FdSc Veterinary Nursing and Animal Behaviour course at Pershore College/Worcester University. She also had a keen interest in Dog Grooming and has achieved a Level 3 Diploma and Level 3 City and Guilds Dog Grooming Qualification.

Becky also enjoys Dog Training and learning Animal Behaviour, she has been helping at Ace Pet Dog Training since 2008. Becky had achieved her Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards with her Chihuahua cross called Bella.

Becky and Bella started Agility classes held by Ace Pet Dog Training for fun but soon became addicted. With lots of hard work and dedication Becky and Bella have achieved Grade 7 at Kennel Club Level with Grade 7 being the highest achievement. They enjoy training together and competing as much as possible. For a bit of fun Becky and Bella had a go at Flyball, to prove Chihuahua's are not just designer lapdogs.

In 2009 Becky joined Worcester Agility Society and was appointed onto the committee in February 2012.

Becky took on a challenge by rescuing a Spitz cross called Chance. When he arrived he was unsociable and had not received any basic training. After months of training he grasped the basics of obedience and started Agility and Flyball training making it to a UKA Grand Finals Heat. Although due to an injury he is unable to pursue further in these fields, Chance loves sleeping so an early retirement is perfect for him. 

Becky's latest dog a border collie called Bomb started his Puppy foundation with Ace Pet Dog Training and has recently gained his Bronze Good Citizen in the Thursday class. He is currently working towards his Silver and training in Agility & Flyball.

Becky, together with her partner owns six dogs. They all enjoy individual training ranging from tricks to agility and flyball.

Assistant Trainer - Lis Milsom

My name is Lis, I have worked at De Montfort Vets for over 6 years where I gained my Animal Nursing Assistant qualification. Also completing an AMTRA course to become a suitably qualified person. 

I have experience of caring for many different animals including working at a local rescue centre for 12 years. 

I am currently studying Canine Behaviour & Training at intermediate level with Sarah Whitehead.

My spaniel x retriever called Harvey has achieved his Bronze Good Citizen Award & has recently started agility which he thoroughly enjoys.